Domestic Package (Home Insurance)


This is a package designed specially for your residence. This insurance covers against damage to residential homes, as well as loss or damage to the contents of a dwelling house including your valuable items worn or carried.

This policy is known as a “package” because it offers a variety of covers under one policy.

The policy is divided into the following sub sections.

Section A:- In this section, the policy takes care of the building i.e private gym, private steam bath, adjoining buildings, extensions, annexes, car park sheds etc. Under this section only the erected structure and the building are covered at a specified estimated sum/cost to be insured in the event of a risk.

Section B:- In this section, the policy takes care of  the General contents such as furniture, radio system, fixtures, TV, clothing etc.

Section C:- All Risk. In this section, the policy takes care of  the  Valuable contents such as expensive cameras, watches, jewelry, laptops, phones, spectacles/shades etc. that are easily moved from place to place. i.e portable

Section D:- Workmen's Compensation (Domestic Servants) WIBA ACT 2007. The insured may insure their domestic servants for death or injury arising in the course of employment.

Section E&F: - Owners/Occupier's Liability - Covers the insured's liability as the owner/ occupiers of building for death, injury or property damage to third parties.

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