AssureLink Insurance Agency was registered in 2009. It was established by a group of insurance professionals from the UK with an intention of being the link between local clients, insurance
providers, and those with interests in Kenya worldwide.


The birth of Assurelink is an inspirational success story that proves the power of citizens who are patriotic and the great impact they can bring to their country. It involves a group of Kenyan-born insurance professionals who have had a breakthrough in their careers both locally and internationally. Most of them grew through the ranks in various local Kenyan insurance companies to head top positions. After that, due to their rich insurance expertise they got referrals to work with great international insurance companies. 

At the international arena, this is where they met as Kenyans living in the diaspora with a common motive which was to give back to their country. Their idea was to use the great expertise and insurance connections they had amassed in their career life, to provide the kind of insurance knowledge lacking in the Kenyan market. Apart from bridging the professionalism gaps lacking in the Kenyan insurance market, they were also aiming at linking the local insurance companies to the international market. This would then mean increase of the number of foreign businesses coming into the Kenyan economy.

With the above common goals, the team of professionals who had now settled in London formed AssureLink insurance agency in 2009. The company has then grown to open up various offices in Nairobi Kenya. Apart from their love for the country, the group of professionals is also so passionate about bringing in the kind of first class service that does not exist in the market.

At AssureLink the customer is the reason for their existence and every strategy is tailored to serve the customer better. More than anything, helping other people get what they want has been the company’s key success factor and ultimately the reason for the success Assurelink has achieved.


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Rose Avenue Business Pack, Rose Avenue Off Ngong Road

Tel:(+254) 020 528 6441|Mobile: +254 705 568 437/ +254 739 655 442|Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.|Website: www.assurelink-kenya.com

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